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Company profile


Company Background

“DanMog cc” is a registered closed corporation and has been in operation since 2002. 
Danny Govender is the Managing Member with his son Raven Govender who runs the operations from an office at their home in Umbilo,  Durban ,where they have full office facilities. 
Danny has a wealth of experience in the Transport Sector. He started  as a driver in the 1970’s and became a Driver Trainer in the 1990’s and finally became a qualified hazardous /dangerous goods Facilitator then an Assessor. 
He now concentrates on training Office Personnel and Drivers within the Transport sector, specialising in the Transportation Of Dangerous Goods.

 There is a huge demand in this field and this will continue as drivers and handlers of dangerous goods require regular re-testing as per the stipulations of the National Road Act/Hazchem.

Danny also has in place a One Stop Shop called “DanMog cc“supplying almost everything that is needed to make a vehicle and driver compliant to transport Dangerous Goods. There is a dire need for a more convenient solution and “DanMog cc” has the expertise and experience to meet the needs of Office Personnel and drivers in the transport sector. Once an Operator makes contact with the company, Danny or Raven will assess their needs and requirements and advise them accordingly on how to become Hazchem compliant.

After the items have been  purchased from” DanMog cc”, the following ought to be done:
•    The items needs to be installed on the vehicle
•    Permits need to be obtained (from Licence office and the fire department) for Dangerous Goods to be carried on the vehicle  on South African Roads.
•    The Driver must complete a Dangerous Goods Training Course and obtain a Dangerous Goods Certificate. The training can be done at any accredited institution, and DanMog cc makes the process simpler by assisting with the booking and the supply of the required information to attend the training course.

Our Vision

To make a difference in the transport sector by becoming a leading supplier/provider of quality Dangerous Goods Signage, Brackets, Safety Wear, Fire Fighting Equipment And TREC/TREM CARDS (Transport Emergency Cards).

Mission Statement

DanMog cc has a mission to provide the best quality Products and Services .Our Mission  is to expand and continually improve the Quality and ServiceS we render to Small and Large Transport Companies, Clearing and Forwarding Agents as well as Other Suppliers and Dealers Within and  Outside South Africa.